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Poker is the most famous card game. Can now be played online, multiple variants exist. In general, the purpose is to play as long as possible and finish the game at the top of the basket, at one of the paid places. The first in the ranking is the player who earns all of the participants' tokens. Appeared at the end of the 19th century, this game is played with 52 cards and tokens that represent the upset amounts.

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Real silver poker in USA

Poker is this legendary card game inseparable from terrestrial and virtual casinos. Mixing strategy, bluff and chance, this entertainment has many followers in USA. Precisely, can we play legally in countries? How's it going ? Discover everything you need to know about the question.

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The legality of online and indoor poker games in USA

Poker is one of the money games to which Americans can indulge, whether indoors or online. Since 2010, the regulation of this entertainment has been left to the appreciation of each province. This intervened after a long time when all gambling was considered illegal.

You should know that platforms based on the territory cannot promote their services in the country. On the other hand, the sites dedicated to this card game have the possibility of offering their services. Also, it should be noted that some provinces have launched their own platforms offering, among other things, poker, like in British Columbia or in Quebec.

In any case, poker players can quietly indulge in their favorite entertainment. Indeed, no one has ever received a conviction for this. This is valid for casino games in general. Note that interested players must be legal to play: 18 or 19 years depending on the region.

Basic rules

A forced bet is requested in all of the poker games. For the poker draw games, it is called "ante" and must be put by all the participants. For the Hold’em games, it is called "Blind". It must be bet by all the participants of which it is the turn to put the blinds. Certain varieties of Hold’em require antes with the blinds. In all of the poker games, there is one or different auction rounds during which where the participant can choose between the following different options in the poker online games: cheker, bet, pass, follow and revive.

A participant can check if no one has made any time before him. This means staying in hand without putting a stimulation. If all the participants check, the auction is over and there are no tokens added to the pot. The other choice offered when nobody put before is ... to bet! All players must then make a choice between pass, follow and restart. Impossible to check if a player has already bet at online games Poker. A player who is going to bed has no incidence in the hand in progress at the online poker game.

Gameplay of Poker: How to play online poker?

To play, you have to connect to a room. Then, you will be in the main living room, named "Lobby". This is where it is possible to have access to the tables you want to play.

Normally, the living room is separated into different "sub-specific". We find a living room for tournaments, one for the Sit’n’Go as well as another for the cash-game. Here is the triptych that most poker platforms adopts. The tournaments each have a clean living room, opening in a new window or a tab of the main window. This gives access to more specific information such as registered participants or even blind and payment structures.

Once connected, different tables are present. To bet well in a game, you have to know how to assess your starting hand, play according to your position, play less hands, know how to lie when you have to, know how to bet perfectly, manage your bankroll well, know the three logics of recovery as well as the pre -flop strategy.

Glossary of terms of online poker

Here are the terms to know absolutely when you start in poker:

  • Mise (bet) : Place your tokens in the pot.
  • Main : These are private cards (two, in Texas Hold’em, the most famous version) that we receive on each deal.
  • Call : This is the fact of following a bet without restarting.
  • Check : The fact of not betting when you can.
  • Raise : This is a revival, the bet is necessarily greater than the previous one.
  • Board : cards present on the table and visible, opposing the private cards of the participants.
  • Flop : These are the first three visible cards put by the dealer.
  • Turn : 4th card made by the dealer.
  • River : 5th card made by the dealer.
  • "All in! "Or" carpets " : Announcement of a participant deciding to bet on all of the tokens he has.
  • Bluff : No need to explain!

Most popular types of online poker games

Poker Pai Gow

Here is the easiest variant to play. She wants to impose a slower pace than classic poker. The goal here is to defeat the dealer with two hands. The first is the major hand and the other secondary. You should know that if your hands are totaling nine points, you gain automatically.


The rules of the Omaha game have some similarities with those of Texas Hold’em. The course is practically the same, the difference in the number of cards. Thus, at the start of the game, each participant is awarded 4 cards that he receives one by one.

The following steps are then the same as with Texas Hold’em: auction, flop, auctions, turn, auctions, river, auction, cutting of the cards. Regarding the last step, the player must compose his ultimate hand with 2 cards among his and 3 on the table.

Caribbean Stud

This variant is based on the contribution of small amounts of money which will be integrated into a prize pool representing the progressive jackpot. This superb jackpot can go up to thousands and thousands of euros on Les Casinos Online And this is one of the major strengths of this variant. In order to win the jackpot, you will only have to have a divine hand: the flush fifth!

Texas Hold’em

This variant can bring together between 2 and 10 players around a table. Initially, each participant is awarded 2 cards of which he is the only one to know the content. The game continues with the progressive revelation of 5 cards that everyone sees. Note that each deal is followed by auctions.

Here is how it goes: first distribution, auction, flop (or unveiling of common cards), auctions, turn, auctions, river, auction, cutting of the cards. The final hand (of 5 cards) is built on the 7 cards. The winner is the one who has the best hand or the one who managed to convince the opponents to abandon.

5 Cards Poker (Classic)

Also called 5 Cards Draw, this is a version played for a very long time, having even been very popular before Texas Hold’em steals its show. This “closed poker” game implies that all the players' cards are private.

It is customary that the game starts with an "ante". Each participant deposits a specific amount before the party is launched. The players then receive 5 private cards each. There follows a lap. This step is followed by the "draw" which gives everyone the opportunity to exchange their cards (one, a few or even all). Then comes a new lap that precedes the slaughter of the hands and the designation of the winner.

Are there tactics to optimize the chances of poker victory?

Poker can be considered an address game. This means that the player must be finesse to increase his chances. This implies that it is quite possible and even recommended to adopt tactics:

  1. Read, assimilate and master the rules of the game perfectly before playing;
  2. Choose the best online poker site for entertainment in the best conditions;
  3. Learn to master your emotions and never let anything show through;
  4. Excel in the art of deciphering the behavior and decisions of adversaries;
  5. Know how to camouflage all its feelings (positive and negative) so as not to let its weaknesses show during the parties);
  6. Make thoughtful decisions taking into account all game parameters;
  7. Always keep in mind that chance remains a parameter of the game;
  8. Anticipate possible combinations as well as the behavior of other participants.

In the end, it is important to be balanced during the games: always reflect, take calculated risks and know how to withdraw when the situation seems really unfavorable. Added to this is good management of the money used to have fun online poker paying: it is advisable to set limits not to be exceeded to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Can we play real silver poker live?

An increasing number of virtual casinos now offer parts in live mode. That is to say that the player remains at home, but he participates in games whose supervision is ensured by a real dealer. The latter is in a room specially fitted out for a game of poker.

The dealer is thus installed behind a real poker table and handles real cards. For his part, the player sees everything via his screen. Interactions are even possible thanks to specific programs specially created for this purpose.

USA online poker: advantages and disadvantages

Many wonder if playing online poker is interesting. This activity has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Play on an online poker site without traveling;
  • Avoid gatherings of people;
  • Possibility to train with a free demo mode;
  • Possibility to hide your emotions and bluff more easily and effectively;
  • Connection with other poker enthusiasts around the world;
  • Live game requirement to play as in a real casino.


  • Unable to visually analyze adversaries;
  • Game atmosphere that will never equal the atmosphere of real poker tables.

Poker rules

How to win in poker

How to win in poker

How to play Texas Hold’em

How to play Texas Hold’em

FAQ on online poker

Is it prudent to play online poker with real money?
To play online silver online poker, first control everything there is to know about this game. Thus, train in free mode before. Then, when you go to the real, you will have to budget and learn time management.

The adrenaline provided by the act in real money is incomparable but you still have to know how to keep your head cool. To play as carefully as possible, also opt for the best online poker site as possible. Know that you can live online poker but you have to be careful all the same.
How to drop / withdraw money to play poker online?
The easiest way to make a deposit on an online poker portal is the bank card. However, the best way to make transactions with poker portals remain the electronic wallet with in particular the essential Paypal.

However, he has various relevant systems for poker games. Another option: prepaid cards or "poker tickets". These are prepaid cards purchased from a tobacconist and having a facial value. Banking transfers are also possible for online poker games.
What are the currencies accepted in poker in American online casinos?
Betting on a casino accepting the American dollar as a currency is an essential choice. This is a key point allowing to be advantaged on exchange rates made during deposits, transfers and collection via your online customer account. You should know that the exchange rates of international currencies can make the online game complex on platforms.

When you play on an online casino with a foreign currency, you have to make a calculation in order to know which sum corresponds to the tokens, in c $. Annoying. Thus, favor American dollars to US dollars.
Can we say poker that it is a sport?
Although it is not a sporting discipline properly speaking, we can say that poker is a brain sport, because it requires players a certain reflection and the implementation of strategies to optimize the chances victories.
What is WSOP?
The WSOP or World Series of Poker corresponds to the world championship in this discipline. This event takes place annually on the Las Vegas side for over 50 years (first tournament that took place in 1970).
Is online poker accessible from a mobile terminal?
Yes, it is quite possible to have fun from a mobile terminal. Depending on the conditions offered by the virtual game platform, you can entertain yourself using a web browser or an application.
Is this game rigged?
There are probably games that are rigged! But to have the certainty of indulging in poker in a reliable and secure environment, register exclusively with regulated sites. Also look for the presence of an ECOGRA certification which ensures the safety of the parties.
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