Disclosure of the advertiser

Faced with a varied multitude of existing online entertainment site, it is truly difficult to assess with the most attractive relevance that can allow us to spend time without having to worry about any essential aspect that could have escaped us.

There are therefore specialists who are arranged to carry out meticulous and in -depth analyzes for us and discharge from any existential hassle.

What is casinofables.com?

We are a website evolving in the casinos assessment. Our essence is to identify entertainment sites in USA which offer the best services in terms of online entertainment. We are responsible for finding you the cream of the cream in terms of distraction.

Explanations of affiliation marketing

Still called performance marketing, in that it resides in maintaining a collaboration between an advertiser wishing to put himself forward and affiliates with an audience (blog, social networks, website, emailing ) promoting the services of The advertiser for remuneration for each prospect generated.

This process of a whole new kind is remunerated by commissions strictly based on success in the execution of the strategy paid by the merchant. By mutual agreement, the two parties decide on the amount of the commission. The only manager of the affiliation platform is the affiliate himself managing all advertising spaces.

Explanations of affiliation links

The affiliation links are commonly made up of kinds to promote the products and services of an organization. Affiliates as partner are responsible for promoting the image of the institution by presentations disseminated on their site by a link or an advertising banner. Advertising is designed by the seller and the affiliate performs the role of intermediate media.

Consequently through the affiliation link, the Affilié partner offers its website for advertising support for banners while the seller offers the necessary content and advertising means. Guaranteeing denser visibility for all its products.

Gamblingus Online.com is funded by commissions

We carry out your authentication procedures for you (registration, testing of the available games, means of payment and withdrawal of winnings). Far from just carrying out research with casinos, we carefully proceed to an in -depth analysis of the most famous games available.

Why are we affiliated to some if the casinos reviewed our website?

The affiliation market is a most promising environment, essentially based on a commercial partnership between the merchant and one or more affiliates. In return the affiliate is paid for each visitor provided or produced on their website. Unlike some affiliated marketings, we operate as an end, which allows us to avoid paid repetitive advertisements and banners on our website.

This strategy grants the brand a fairly wide visibility against the general public available to the affiliate network. Conversely, their last ones manage to acquire income and promote their online platforms.

Does this have an impact on our ratings and exams?

No, we test the casinos ourselves and make decisions independently. Our point of view and final opinion are most solid. Our affiliation relationship, although existent, does not affect our final verdict in any way. No one will come to think that it could sometimes provide aspects of impartials due to the close collaboration existing between us and the institutions, however it is nothing.

We strive to carry out the complete procedure for you in order to be able to give a credible opinion. In order to apply marketing affiliated to wisely we invest in our experience, our seriousness, our professionalism and our know-how.

Will this cost you more money?

No, it is not. The amount of the affiliation chain is initially established when planning the work to be carried out. This implies that the customer will not pay more than if the affiliation marketing had existed. It is thus profitable for both parties.

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