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Many Americans are passionate about Online casinos, but also cryptocurrencies. Since the integration of virtual currencies in Money game platforms, payment solutions quickly diversified by offering more and more new cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is among the most proposed currencies currently. Discover the particularities of crypto-casinos offering Litecoin as payment method, how to choose them and how to make Litecoin transactions.

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The popularity of crypto-cassinos in USA

USA is among the top countries where the population plays the most online casinos. Indeed, USA has a wide variety of gaming platforms. With the recent arrival of cryptocurrencies as payment solutions, players quickly adopted this modern and revolutionary method.

Cryptocurrencies have never been prohibited in USA, although no law has clearly been adopted concerning them. In recent years, regulations concerning the exchanges of cryptocurrencies have started to be applied. This initiative reassured players who gradually tip this new payment method.

Today, almost all American online casinos offer cryptocurrencies among their range of possible payments. Litecoin and other virtual currencies are gradually replacing fiduciary currencies, and American players get used to their use.

Cryptocurrencies other than Litecoin used in online casinos in USA

Litecoin is one of the most important virtual currencies currently on the market. There are a wide variety of other cryptocurrencies available from cryptocurrencies. Here is a selection of a few most frequently used and which are also among the most important.


Bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency, whether in terms of market capitalization or in terms of value. The price of a BTC easily exceeds $ 30,000, making it the most expensive currency. The high cost of this cryptocurrency makes it less accessible compared to others. Any variation in the Bitcoin course also directly affects the course of all other cryptocurrencies. This demonstrates its influence and importance on the cryptographic market.


Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency just behind Bitcoin. It is also an older one, like the BTC. Regarding its value, it is also expensive, but much less than bitcoin. Its course fluctuates between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000. It makes her a coin still a little less accessible, especially if you only want to use it to play crypto-casinos. On the other hand, to speculate, it is particularly interesting.


Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency who experienced a meteoric ascent on the market. Today, it is among the most important, like Bitcoin and Ethereum or Litecoin. What makes it special is its value that remains very affordable, despite its reference cryptocurrency place. It is exchanged at less than $ 0.2, which is very interesting for those who wish to use it mainly to have entertainment in online casinos.


The Tether is part of the Stablecoin category. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency whose value remains stable and does not fluctuate. The value of the Tether is backed by the US dollar. Stablecoins are generally used as a refuge value to protect you from the volatility of the market of other cryptocurrencies.

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Strengths of games of money with Litecoin

Using Litecoin as a means of payment in online casinos gives you many advantages. Here are the main strengths we can cite you.

Respect for your anonymity

Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, you ensure complete anonymity. Indeed, no information or personal data is disclosed and shared to third -party entities. This is one of the main advantages of using Blockchain technology.

Optimal security

Another advantage relating to blockchain is the level of security offered in terms of transactions. It is impossible to falsify, nor to carry out frauds when you carry out financial operations, since each transaction is recorded on the blockchain. In addition, no third -party organization such as a bank comes into play. This minimizes the risks of embezzlement of your funds.

A decentralized and easy to use system

Cryptocurrencies work in a completely decentralized way. In other words, they are not managed by any other entity, whether the government or banks. You do not need to have a bank account or a card to be able to become a holder of virtual currencies and use them in online casinos.

A great speed of transactions

Litecoin has the distinction of offering very fast transactions. In theory, its transaction speed is 4 times greater compared to that of Bitcoin. Its speed also largely surpasses traditional payment methods. Your transactions are validated very quickly, even instantly. So, you can play directly after making your deposit, or withdraw your earnings just after sending the The request for withdrawal.

Affordable costs

A final advantage relating to the use of Litecoin is in terms of transaction costs. You will be billed at very low costs compared to traditional payment methods. It is even possible that no costs are applied. This is explained by the absence of an intermediary that comes into play during transactions.

Criteria for choosing the best Litecoin online casino

Today, crypto-casinos are counted in number. Almost all online casinos accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Faced with this huge choice, how to find the right casino online? Discover some important points to take into account and that could help you.

Casino security

Security is the most important point when it comes to online monetary transactions. A good online casino must offer the best security measures to guarantee the protection of players and their assets. First, make sure that the casino has an operating license issued by a recognized organization. This demonstrates the reliability of the casino.

Also check other measures such as data encryption technology, measures to secure your account such as password complexity, use of 2 factors or other devices.

Cryptocurrencies available

Check, first of all, if the casino in question supports Litecoin as a means of payment. Then look at the other cryptocurrencies available. The more there are, the better. This will give you the opportunity to vary your payment methods in the future.

The Casino toy library repertoire

A good casino must also have a wide variety of games in its catalog. Developers increasingly trusting crypto-casinos, titles must be as numerous as those of conventional casinos.

The bonuses offered by platforms

Online casinos are appreciated by players for the many bonuses and promotional offers they offer. The platforms supporting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment often offer Exclusive bonuses When you choose virtual currencies for your deposits and withdrawals. Thus, check that the casino in question offers this kind of exclusive bonus. Free towers and more multipliers are always welcome.

Accessibility of customer service

Customer assistance allows you to answer your questions or solve your various problems related to the use of online casino. Technicians must be reachable as best as possible, and at any time. Telephone, email and live cat call should be among the means to reach them. In addition, assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day assures you that you can help you anytime.

Interests relating to crypto games

Do you still hesitate about switching to the method of payment by cryptocurrency? Here are some additional reasons that should convince you.

A way of having fun and investing at the same time

Crypto-casinos are an excellent opportunity to entertain you both and invest in cryptocurrencies. Indeed, by betting cryptocurrencies, you have the possibility of investing by making your earnings grow. On the other hand, you can have fun spending time on gaming platforms without putting pressure on you.

A modern payment solution

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly used as a payment solution in stores, restaurants and to pay invoices. Online casinos are not to be outdone and also adopt this new technology in order to best meet players' expectations.

A progressive replacement solution for fiduciary currencies

In a few years, expect cryptocurrencies completely replacing fiduciary currencies all over the world. By trying to crypto-casinos now, familiarizing yourself with the cryptocurrency environment and more easily adapt to this revolutionary payment solution.

Realization of Litecoin deposits: the steps

Here are the main steps to follow if you plan to make a deposit on a Litecoin casino:

  • Buy, beforehand, the Litecoin cryptocurrency from a reliable online broker;
  • Have a physical physical or software portfolio in which you will store your cryptocurrency;
  • Register on a crypto-casino offering the Litecoin cryptocurrency as a payment method;
  • Opt for Litecoin as a transaction currency during the deposit;
  • Define the portfolio address containing your Litecoin;
  • Carry out the transaction by entering the deposit conditions.

Some figures on Litecoin online casinos

To give you an overview of the evolution of crypto-casinos in recent years, here are some figures that illustrate their progression in 2020 and 2021:

  • A 28 % increase in betting by cryptocurrencies in 3 months are recorded in the year 2021;
  • This increase is observed at more than 180 % in a year, between 2020 and 2021;
  • In 2020, 15.7 % of the bets were made with cryptocurrencies and 84.3 % were carried out with fiduciary currencies. In 2021, 43.3 % of the bets are made of cryptocurrencies and 56.7 % in fiduciary currencies.

Advantages and disadvantages of LTC casinos

Discover in this next section the main strengths and weaknesses of Litecoin crypto-cassinos.


  • Secure platforms;
  • Legal casinos;
  • Total respect for your anonymity;
  • System using a decentralized network;
  • Very low, even non -existent costs;
  • Rapid transactions;
  • Interesting exclusive bonuses.


  • Litecoin not as widespread as Bitcoin or Ethereum in online casinos.


Is use Litecoin in online casinos legal?
Yes, it is completely legal to use Litecoin in American online casinos.
Is it possible to make Litecoin withdrawals?
Yes, you can withdraw your Litecoin gains. The steps are simple and the transactions are fast.
What is the operation of Litecoin online casinos?
The functioning of crypto-casinos is the same as that of the usual casinos, with the difference that they allow cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.
What is the value of Litecoin?
The value of Litecoin evolves around $ 120.
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