Online sports betting in USA

Online bets are a particularly popular activity in USA. It is a question of making predictions on various sporting events in different disciplines. Since you are going to bet your money, it is important that you register on the best sports betting site online. To be sure to make the right choice, you must first understand how it works, especially the different types of existing bets. Then you need to know the criteria to be taken into consideration before opening an account. Whether it is the various fellow prognoses, reliability, payment methods, bonuses or technical support. Nothing should be left to chance. Make sure you will benefit from optimal experience and the security of your data and your money is ensured. Here is all the information to know before registering on the best online sports betting site in USA.

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The different types of USA online Paris and their operation

The Moneyline Cote

Also called the American rating, the money coast is quite different from what is usually found. It is presented in the form of a positive or negative sign and a number (or more precisely an amount). The number actually corresponds to the amount that could be pocket by betting an amount of $ 100.

For example, if the rating is +150, that means that you can pocket an amount of $ 150 by betting $ 100. Since your starting bet will also come back to you, you will then earn a total of $ 250.

The system is different with the sign " -". A negative rating reveals the amount to bet to make a profit of $ 100. So, for a rating of -150, you need to bet $ 150 to make a profit of $ 100. A good prognosis will then bring you a total of $ 250.

The Spread point or a difference of points

In the jargon of online sports betting, there is also a question of disability. This is also a very popular side on the American side. The Spread +/- point generally applies to a match for which the main bet is on the victory of the favorite player or the favorite team. With Point Spread, you will define the number of points it will win more about the opponent.

In other words, the favorite will inherit a certain handicap (a number of points less). Or the outsider starts the match with a number of points ahead. In this way, the match is, in a way, more balanced.

Equal paroys

Also called combined bet or accumulator bet, the Parlay bet is aimed at players who have a pronounced taste for risk and who wish to boost the basic dimensions. The principle is quite simple: it is a question of betting on several results at the same time. Be careful, to be able to win the bet, it is compulsory that all the bets that have been made fall on the right result. Even if only one of them is not good, you lose.

The Prop Bet or a proposal bet

This way of betting is still little known to the public, but nevertheless makes it possible to claim particularly attractive gains. This is to bet on an event that has no impact on the final outcome of the game.

It can be the person who scores a goal, the team who has obtained the first points, the number of times such an event will occur, as long as such a fact will be placed, etc. In practice, the Prop Bet gives the possibility of forecasting on any event that can be the subject of a statistic

Equal teaser

This is another type of combined bet that is most often used for predictions on basketball or American football. You bet on different selections by benefiting from an adjustment of the difference in points that plays in your favor.

As is the case with the Parlay bet, it is necessary that all the selections are winning so that you win. Also, in case of equality, the match is removed from the combination. In the event that the teaser is assimilated to a simple match, this leads to the cancellation of the teaser and the reimbursement of the bet.

The bet on the total

This way of betting is also known as Over/Under or more/less. As its name suggests, it is a question of making a prognosis on the total of the goals that will be scored. Two options are therefore possible:

  • Over: you predict a result exceeding a number of goals;
  • Under: You make a prognosis on an outcome below a certain result.

The bet live or live

As we can guess, it is a question here of making live lives live, as the meeting takes place. Online Paris sites set up a special window through which players can follow the match. They also find the bets they can place. The bookmaker generally offers different types. It is up to everyone to choose the one who meets their goals.

The criteria to select the best online sports betting site

Security is a key element in the choice of a site to make forecasts. First, make sure the platform is devil and regulated. In particular, check that it has an operating license. Also make sure that specific devices such as SSL encryption systems have been set up to guarantee the confidentiality of personal and financial data.
Payment methods
Look for the platform that offers as much payment method as possible. There is a basic rule to take into account: it should be possible to use the same solution to make a deposit and a withdrawal. So check that the site you are going to select provides several payment methods. Also, find out about the minimum amount to be deposited and the maximum amount to be collected. In addition, the processing time of your requests must be as short as possible.
Available sports disciplines
Compare the proposals of the sites in terms of sports disciplines. The more there are, the better. Choose a bookmaker that gives you the opportunity to bet on meetings in your favorite sports? At the same time, it is more interesting to be able to pray on various tournaments and championships.
The variety of bets
In addition to being able to bet on different sporting disciplines, you should also be able to make different types of bets. In addition to the classic forecast on the outcome of the match, in particular which player or which team will win, it is interesting to be able to make other more interesting bets: double, combined bet, disability or even the exact score
The bonuses
A good online Paris site must offer different types of bonuses, including the welcome offer for new ones, the gift on deposits or the rewards for the most assiduous and for those who deposit and play big.
Customer assistance
Take a closer look at customer support. The team that assists the users must be available, competent and responsive. Several means should be available to her (telephone, email, cat, etc.). It should be possible to obtain quick and effective answers. Especially when they are sensitive questions.

How to open an online Paris account?

The procedures to follow to open an account are quite similar from one online sports betting site to another. Here is what you will have to do:

  • Choose a reliable and regulated site;
  • Go to the official online bookmaker website;
  • Click on "register";
  • Fill out the form that appears on the screen with your personal data;
  • You usually have to provide your email address and choose a robust password;
  • Once you arrive on your personal account, you will be invited to authenticate your identity by providing documents (Proof of identity and domicile) ;
  • Before you can make forecasts, you will be invited to make a first deposit on your account;
  • Then go to the Paris section. You just have to choose the discipline and then the type of forecast you want to make.

Popular payment methods with sports betting sites in USA

An interesting online bookmaker should offer a large panel of payment methods to adapt to the needs and requirements of the greatest number. Here are the most commonly adopted solutions by American players:

  • The bank card as a visa or mastercard;
  • Electronic portfolios like Paypal, Skrill or Neteller;
  • Transfer by e-mail or SMS like Interac;
  • Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin;
  • Prepaid debit card like Ecopayz.

Note that players today favor the most practical means of payment, especially those that require the minimum of information. They particularly appreciate the solutions that do not ask them to provide their bank information. Treatment times also count a lot in their choice.

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Tips for making online bets in the best conditions

Intrilled the illegal Paris sites

Rule number 1: absolutely avoid illegal sites. If you have any doubts about an online Paris site, go your way. Are you interested exclusively to legal sites. In this way, you are sure that your personal information as well as your money is between good hand. You then have no problem doing with the withdrawal of your possible earnings.

Bet only on the sports you master

Unlike some popular ideas, sports betting are not games of chance. Admittedly, you can select the results at random, but the chances of winning would be very slim. By making predictions on sport, you must know not only the discipline, but also the teams as well as their history and their records. You must carefully study the journey of the players and their opponents to make the best choices.

Use the bonuses and promotions offered

When bonuses and promotions are available, do not hesitate to take the opportunity to make bets for free. This is an opportunity for you to earn money without having to bet a lot. Be careful, however, to study the conditions and requirements linked to these offers to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Manage your bankroll well

It is essential to manage your bankroll well, that is to say the money you have to bet. First, you should only bet the money you are ready to lose. Then, it is essential to set limits, both in terms of earnings and losses. As soon as these limits are reached, make sure to stop.

What is the responsible game?

The responsible game is a concept that is close to operators and which is overseen by organizations specially implemented for this. The objective is generally to ensure the safety of players. Everything is then done so that the game is safe and to prevent bettors from falling into an infernal spiral. The bookmaker is required to set up specific devices to avoid compulsive play. This is found from the ergonomics and the use of the site. Then, a rigorous sorting is carried out at the time of the connection, the minors being notably excluded. Finally, measures are taken to avoid fraud on both sides.


Are sports betting legal in USA?
Yes, sports betting is legal in USA, provided, however, of practicing this activity with legal operators, justifying a license recognized by the American authorities. Note that each province sets up its own regulations in this area and the rules can therefore vary from one region to another.
Are sports betting popular in USA?
Yes, American players particularly appreciate online sports betting. This craze has been strengthened since 2020 where world health circumstances have forced many people to stay at home.
Can we regularly win sports betting?
Yes, this is quite possible, provided you make predictions in the best conditions. It is particularly essential to carry out relevant studies and analyzes before launching.
What are the most popular sports disciplines in sports betting in USA?
Here are the sports disciplines on which American players are most often bet: football or soccer, hockey (NHL), American football (NFL), basketball or NBA, tennis, but also baseball.
Can you get a welcome bonus for registration on an online sports betting site?
Yes, most interesting sites offer a welcome bonus to newly registered people. It is most often a sum of money to use to put on the platform.
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