How to play Texas Hold Em poker?

Poker is one of the most popular games in online casinos. Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant. If you want to initiate yourself and quickly become a master in the matter, discover this guide entirely devoted to the Texas Hold’em poker.

What is Texas Hold’em?

Texas Hold’em is a most famous and most played poker variant in the world. Here, players generally have no maximum restrictions of stake or recovery.

The Hold’em can be played between 2 players up to 10 players. Everyone receives 2 cards that alone can see. 5 cards will gradually be aligned on the table and visible from all players. Everyone will have to combine their cards with those on the table. The one with the highest hand wins the hand.

📖 What are the rules of Texas Hold’em?

You want to know how good play poker Texas Hold’em? Here are the different rules.

How to play Texas Hold EM: the basic rules

At the start, 2 players must make a forced bet, the small "blind" which represents the minimum bet, and the large "blind" whose value is double the small blind. In turn, over the game, each player will have to make this forced bet.

The 2 cards of each player are then distributed. Then the auctions start. It is possible to bet the amount of the large blind, to overcome, or to return the cards to the dealer while going to bed (Fold).

Depending on the type of Hold’em, the escalation can be limited or not. In the case of a "no limit", you can bet all your tokens at once. In the case of a "Limit Hold’em", you can only bid the value of the big blind twice.

After the bet, bidding or crazy, 3 cards are then displayed on the table. Everyone chooses an action and as a result until 5 cards are displayed on the table. The one who wins the best combination wins.

🃏 How to play poker holding: the different combinations

Here are the different possible combinations to this card game, ranging from the highest to the weakest:

  • Quinte Flush Royale: five consecutive cards having the same color of the AS at ten
  • FUSTH FUND: Five cards of the same color that follow
  • Square: four identical cards (for example 4 "kings" or 4 "8")
  • Full House: a broker and a pair
  • Color: five cards of the same color that do not necessarily follow
  • Quinte: the rest is made up of five cards that follow, without having to be the same color
  • Brelan: three identical cards (for example 3 AS or 3 "9")
  • Two pairs: two identical cards and two other identical cards
  • A pair: two identical cards
  • Height: five mismatched cards whose most force value is the AS

💸 How to play Texas Holdem Poker online?

  • How to play Texas Hold’em poker: Choosing an online casino

Almost all the Online casinos offer a Texas Hold’em poker, because of the popularity of the latter. Make sure you register on a regulated and legal platform.

  • How to play Texas Hold EM poker: register and make a first deposit

Register on the selected platform by entering various information about you. Make a first deposit for your various bets. Place the minimum possible when you start to avoid losing too large a sum of money.

  • How to play Texas Holdem Poker: look for a Texas Hold’em poker game

Now find a Texas Hold’em poker game among the vast catalog of the platform. Generally, a free version is available. Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game and the basic rules of the Hold’em.

  • How to play Texas Holdem Poker: getting started with your money

After training, get started. Be careful, the game of chance creates an addiction and you must know how to master yourself and put limits.

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