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Blackjack is a game that appeared at the end of the 18th century. Named "21" at its beginnings, this game was inspired by the two card games that are the "railway" as well as the "American farm". At the time, the game was mainly practiced in the Casinos de Paris. To play, nothing could be simpler: a carpet and players (from 1 to 7).

Know that three people can bet on an identical box (there is only one who is seated who makes decisions). The purpose of online blackjack is simple: beat the dealer with two cards worth only his. However, you have to be careful not to exceed the sum of 21 points, at the risk of losing everything!

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Blackjack an Argent RATE

A few years ago, you had to go to the casino to play blackjack in USA or elsewhere. Now, anyone with access to a computer or intelligent device and an internet connection can indulge in it. Find out just everything you need to know about the real silver online blackjack.

Best online casinos to play blackjack online with real money

jackpot city

jackpot city is one of the few online establishments offering 1600 welcome bonus cades, while ensuring a return rate of more than 95 %. The toy library offers multiple variants of blackjack games, as well as many second -hand bonuses and weekly promotions. On this platform, there is nothing left to chance. For USA online blackjack, hard to find better!

Platinum Play

Platinium Play offers quality microgaming games. He is one of the best American online casino. Thanks to a dark and interactive look, the game offer is gigantic with obviously many variants of Black Jack. The welcome bonus is 800 CAD. Ideal for online blackjack argent reel.


Spin is certified by the ECOGRA game license. Thus, this portal is secure but also experienced. With a rich offer and attractive bonuses, take advantage of the multiple variants of blackjack offered. With promotions and a welcome bonus of 1000 CAD, what can we ask for more?

Ruby Fortune

Ce New online casino is of quality because offering a large choice in terms of games. Thanks to the multiple promotions, you can leave with substantial gains. In addition, the loyalty program is one of the most generous on the market. The welcome bonus is 750 CAD.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is at the top of the basket on the market Online casinos mobiles in USA. Quality of visuals, wealth of games, ease of use of the interface, security or even mobile compatibility: the qualities of the site are numerous. Play blackjack without fear! The welcome bonus is 1,200 CAD.

Blackjack rules

Basic rules

Once the two cards have been received, the player must draw cards in order to be as close as possible to 21 without exceeding this value. The purpose is to defeat the dealer with a total point higher than him. You can also win if the dealer has exceeded 21. All players play against the dealer, who is the bank, or the casino. Know that we are not playing black jack online American against other players.

Gameplay de Blackjack and Ligne

When you play blackjack online, it is necessary to click on different options. The account balance is the amount of money you have. All of the Blackjack tables will normally display the maximum and minimal bet that can be done on one hand. Regarding the bet box, this is where you will put your chips and where your payments will be received.

As for the buttons, you will find several. First there is the "deal" button to introduce the deal of the hand. Then there is the double button whose usefulness is to double your bet at the right time. The separate separate hand can be separated from separated your identical cards.

The Clear button offers the possibility, before the deal, to delete the bet and to make a new one. The Hit button allows you to request more cards after receiving the first two cards. And finally, the stand button is useful when you no longer want to have cards. Thus, the dealer draws the cards.

Blackjack terms glossary

  • Assurance (insurance) : This is the second bet that the dealer offers players when the croupier's visible card is an AS.
  • Burn, die (bust) : Same than jump.
  • Capital (bankroll) : This word designates the total sum in order to play.
  • Burnt card (Burnt Card) : The first 5 cards of a shoe are discarded by the dealer. These are the burned cards.
  • Cup card (Cut Card) : It is a plastic card marking the stopping of the distribution of a shoe. As a rule, the dealer puts it to a game at the end of the hoof.
  • Case (box, spot) : This is the circle or rectangle of the carpet where the player puts his bets.
  • Count cards (Card Counting) : Technique to know whether the cards remaining in the hoof or not.
  • Donne (dealing) : The first deal characterizes the two cards given to the player and the first card given to the dealer.
  • Doubler (double) : Possibility that a player has to double his bet by receiving an additional card. This is an excellent strategy when you have an 11.
  • Equality (Draw) : Equality of equality between a player and the donor who does not result in a victory or a defeat for the player.
  • Discard : To the right of the dealer, this is the area where the cards played are collected as a result of a lap.
  • Stay, refuse (stand) : This is not asking for an extra card and staying on its result.
  • Sabot (deck/shoe) : Kind of drawer via which the cards are distributed and generally containing different card games.
  • Exit / jump / burst / burn (bust) : It is a question of exceeding 21 in one hand, and therefore losing this hand.
  • Tirs (hit) : Make the request for an additional card at the dealer.

Play blackjack online

Blackjack Classic

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Blackjack Classic

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Blackjack online and offline: Is it legal in USA?

Playing blackjack online is quite legal! Indeed, the majority of American provinces have defined the legislation that supervises blackjack online USA. You can play on duly regulated platforms: only casinos that have a valid license are allowed. It is also recommended to bet only on sites that have received a certification from the ECOGOL. This guarantees the safety of your data and that of your earnings.

As for the offline version, the American authorities also authorize it. Any player over 18 or 19 (depending on his province) has the opportunity to have fun in a brick and mortar games room. As long as you respect the terms and conditions of the establishment, you can have fun without fear of legal proceedings.

Most popular varieties of online blackjack paying

The Blackjack 6: 5 is a variant playing with a single hoof of 52 cards.
This variant allows you to add pepper to the game, betting on the value of the first two cards.
This variant offers the possibility of betting on the color of the crumply croupier's first card. If the bet is a winner, you earn the amount of the starting bet.
Spanish 21
The Spanish 21 is one of the most famous variants. The 10 were removed beforehand from the hoof in order to disadvantage the players. However, this variant offers multiple bonuses in order to counter this handicap.
Here is one of the most profitable variants.
One of the most famous games of online casinos. One of the characteristics of this variant is that a part is carried out with four games of 52 cards.
Chinese blackjack
This variant of Blackjack offers rules completely opposed to those of the basic version.
Here is an extremely famous version of blackjack. This game uses eight 52 cards hooves and offers the possibility of performing multiple actions.
Here is the most distant variant of the basic version of Blackjack.

How to improve your chances of winning?

Learn the rules and test games for free

The first rule to win is to learn the rules of the game. You can then put into practice what you learned without spending a penny. For this, you will have fun in free mode or demo mode, while you familiarize with the process and with the virtual casino interface.

Learn to decide effectively and quickly to stay or shoot

The value of your hand to this game is not absolute: it depends a lot on the croupier's card. When it is a figure or an ace, you can take risks and perhaps draw a card even if you have 14 or 15 points. Indeed, if the hidden card of the dealer is a figure, you will still lose.

Make good use of split and doubly

The doubling and split are two important rules of online blackjack, which can make you earn much more money if they are well used. The reasoning is partly linked to the above: double when the dealer shows an ace or a figure is very risky, it is better to do it in all other cases.

For the split, the question is a little more complex. In general, you should never share the pairs of 10, 5 or 4, but always share the pairs of AS or 8. For all the other cases, it depends on the grip of the dealer: if it shows a card between 3 and 7, the split is not bad; It is not in other cases, but know that your chances of winning decrease considerably.

The most famous variants of Blackjack

American blackjack

In American blackjack, the dealer receives two cards, one hidden side and the other visible side. The dealer is allowed to look at this card if a blackjack is possible. In other words, if the hidden card is an ace, the dealer instantly checks the hidden card without anyone else seeing it. If the hidden card indicates that the dealer has a blackjack, the hand ends instantly and the bets of all the players are then collected by the dealer.

Blackjack Europe's

In European blackjack, there is no hidden card. The dealer receives a visible face card and only receives the second card once the player is finished. It is therefore impossible for the dealer to check if there is a blackjack before the player has finished his hand.

Blackjack switch

This tactic allows the player to make a maneuver which is commonly assimilated to cheating: it is about interchange the cards that make up 2 hands. He must then make two equal size bets and proceed to an exchange of the second card distributed to each hand.

Online blackjack with a live dealer

An interesting feature that many online casinos offer is the live dealer. This option allows you to experiment with an almost real feeling during the games. When you connect to a casino with live dealer, you are entitled to a real table and real cards that you can see via your screen. It’s like you’re there.

To guarantee authenticity and transparency, several camera angles are offered, which allows you to zoom in the table. The dealer carries a microphone to communicate with you if necessary. Note that you can play live, computer or mobile support.

The most popular developers for blackjack with live degrewers are:

  • Medialive Casino ;
  • Extreme Live Gaming ;
  • Net Entertainment.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing blackjack online


  • The paid blackjack allows you to play in the comfort of your house, without having to move;
  • You have the choice between entertainment on your desktop computer or from your mobile device;
  • The best platforms offer you bonuses, interesting awards and earnings;
  • You are generally entitled to a demo or free mode to train for free before play in real silver mode.


  • You must constantly be connected to the Internet and have efficient equipment;
  • Bonuses are subject to conditions. You must bet your bonus a minimum number of times before you can withdraw.


What are the basics of blackjack?
Blackjack begins with a bet. The dealer then gives two cards to each player - and to himself. The players' cards are distributed in front of visible, while a dealer's card remains hidden. Add your cards to get the total of your cards. The numbered cards have a value equal to their facial value and the facial cards are worth 10. One AS is worth 1 or 11. If the total of your initial card is 21, Blackjack! You win. If this is not the case, the dealer will go around the table and when it will reach you, you will have two main options: shoot or stay. When you choose to stand, you are standing, you don't accept new cards. When you hit, the dealer draws another card, which is added to your total cards. If the total of your new cards is less than 21, you are safe. If it reaches 21, you win. If you exceed 21, it's a bust and you are eliminated from the game.
Are there Blackjack strategies?
Yes, there are many blackjack strategies. It is mainly a question of knowing how to make the right decisions according to the cards revealed.
Is it possible to play blackjack online on mobile?
Yes, the majority of online casinos offer a mobile version of Blackjack. Some even have an application for iOS and Android for easier navigation.
Is the online blackjack rigged?
Some online casinos are rigged, but not all! If you want to play blackjack online, look for the ECOGRA certification that guarantees a transparent game experience without a rocker.
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