Online game legislation in USA

Online game legislation in USA

Games of chance and money

There are many categories of games of chance and money.

Here are the main activities concerned :

  • The lottery which consists in betting on a result by relying completely at random. We distinguish in particular the rooms dedicated to the bingo and the video lottery devices without forgetting the lottery system with tickets;
  • Casino games that are subdivided themselves into many categories, the most popular of which are slot machines, card games (poker, blackjack, baccarat, etc.), roulette, dice games and many more;
  • Horse races that involve betting on the outcome of a race between a number of race horses;
  • Sports betting that invite players to make a prognosis on the result of a sports meeting or a championship in different disciplines.

Whatever the type of game of chance and money, the basic principle consists in betting money hoping to multiply the amount thus deposited. Knowing that there is also a risk of losing this amount.


Games of chance and money (online or offline) in the American provinces: point on the situation

Play offline

For several decades already, each American province has established their own legislation in the field of games of chance and money. Since the early 1970s, this has been done practically independently. Moreover, the majority of these provinces are home to several brick and mortar casinos. From the late 1980s, many establishments began to open their doors.

Regarding horse racing bets in particular, this type of activity has been legal since the beginning of the 20th century.

In 2021, USA had more than a hundred casinos in its various provinces, except for 3 of the latter who do not intend to know Newfoundland-and Labrador, New Brunswick and Île-du -Prince-Edouard.

To play online

The legislation is more subtle when it comes to indulging in games of chance and online money. On the one hand, it is illegal for American operators to offer fun services, or more specifically games of chance and money on the Internet.

Nevertheless, there are some operators who still offer entertainment in this category, in particular:

  • The Atlantic Lotteries Society and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation launched lottery tickets on the Internet;
  • The Woodbine hippodrome offers the possibility of betting on online horse racing.

If American operators cannot, in absolute terms, offer games, players enjoy a certain freedom. Indeed, it is quite possible for them to indulge in these entertainment online. Whether it's card games like blackjack and poker or to bet on sports disciplines via a virtual bookmaker. Obviously, they must respect a few rules such as the age limit and the legality of the platforms where they will have fun.

Are offshore online casinos allowed in USA?

Yes, offshore casinos can very well offer their services to interested American players. Nevertheless, as it was specified above, it is necessary that they operate legally. A certain number of criteria must then be met, namely:

  • The holding of an operating license issued by a renowned regulatory organization such as that of Malta, Curaçao, Kahnawake, the United Kingdom or even Gibraltar;
  • The implementation of a security system to protect confidential and sensitive information provided by users of the platform;
  • The adoption of a payment system that is both legal and trustworthy while giving the members of the members;
  • The existence of customer support which is available to players, the latter that can ask questions about the operation of the site and the various services available.

Are there dismissal organizations in terms of online gaming in USA?

USA is home to an online game regulation organization based in Kahnawake, a sovereign nation located in Quebec. It is more precisely the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or Kahnawake Games Commission that has existed since 1996 as part of the Kahwanake Games Act.

The role -based organization based in the eponymous reserve is to grant operating licenses. These are delivered not only to Online casinos, but also virtual poker rooms as well as online platforms dedicated to sports betting.

Games of chance and money in British Columbia

Who can indulge in games of chance and money in British Columbia?

Any adult, that is to say aged 19 (and more) can legally indulge in games of chance and money in British Columbia. Players are possible in this age category to be entertained in a casino, but also in a racetrack, a bingo room, a remote officer or a community game center. Also, they can participate in a legal game event or address a lottery retailer.

How to do ?

From the moment an individual can prove that he is major, he can therefore go to legal establishments or events in British Columbia. The choice is then possible between various games such as bingo, poker, lottery or slot machines. Regarding online games sites, it is necessary to mention, one online game platform that is legal in British Columbia.

Regarding horse racing, British Columbia has 5 racetracks. It is also possible to bet in the teleotresses.

Laws and regulations on games of chance and money in USA

Games and money activities are governed by the USA Criminal Code which was promulgated in 1892.

From a legal point of view, the game is prohibited in USA. This is provided by the USA Criminal Code: this activity is theoretically prohibited both in a terrestrial casino and an online platform. The people who devote themselves to it are "guilty of a criminal act". In this sense, they can receive a prison sentence (from 2 years to the maximum) or even a punishment via a summary procedure.

Despite this, these games remain tolerated, but under certain conditions. First, the provinces of USA have the right to ensure the management of this industry themselves. This turnaround took place from the year 1970.

The tolerance of the games is then possible thanks to a flexible interpretation of the "lottery" (which is authorized), it then encompassing a vast panel of games and machines. Thus, games of chance can be categorized as lottery. In any case, each province can apply its specific laws in this area.

In all cases, legislation in the field of games of chance and money (especially when it comes to entertaining online) remains fairly vague. In any case, it is clear that no one has yet been prosecuted for having launched into such online activities. In addition, the Criminal Code does not explicitly state that playing online casino constitutes a criminal act. Finally, banking establishments are well authorized to validate financial transactions with casinos, without the state putting its vet.

Revenues from games of chance and money in USA

Global income in USA

Games of chance and money are a significant source of income in USA. If we believe one American Gaming Association report (or American Games Association), this industry is responsible for nearly 135,000 jobs. In addition, the market weighs more than $ 15 billion.

As a year 2017, here is how the income collected in this sector are distributed in this :

  • Casino: 5.85 billion US dollars;
  • Lottery: 5.15 billion US dollars;
  • Video lottery terminal: US $ 1.18 billion;
  • Charitable games: 0.15 billion US dollars;
  • Other games: US $ 0.87 billion.

British Columbia case

Regarding British Columbia in particular, here is how the income of games of chance and money are distributed. As parts of 2014 and 2015, these were estimated at $ 2.9 billion (excluding horse racing). Once the expenses are deceased, state revenues rise to 1.25 billion. This amount is then distributed between government operations, communities and residents of British Columbia.

The future of games of chance and online money in USA

The future of games of chance and online money in USA seems quite promising, despite the fact that a judicial vagueness undeniably remains. Indeed, the market has continued to expand since the 1990s. Also, it should be noted that many players continue to go to foreign platforms (especially based in the United States). Moreover, this situation did not fail to motivate the local government to make changes in legislation in this area.

Besides all this, USA can boast of having a particularly efficient program to protect players from the negative consequences of this activity. This has a low rate of people who suffer from addiction. The Games of Chance and Money Industry should experience sunny days, if the legislation is clarified as much as possible.

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